The secret of success is constancy of purpose Benjamin Disraely

We imagine For over forty years we have been running our business realizing the most suitable solution for every requirement
We design We place ideas, experience, expertise and innovative instruments at the service of our customers every single day
We engineer We invest a substantial amount of our turnover in technological innovation and human resources, year after year

The 2018 of MICROingranaggi involving financing and investments

And here we are, once again, at the last post of the year. Before wishing you all happy holidays and a peaceful 2019, I wanted to look back and have a quick reflection on what 2018 was about, especially in terms of financing and concessions. This year, in fact, MICROingranaggi received the ok for the so-called Al Via call for […]

smart working e industria manifatturiera

The manufacturing industry and smart working: a feasible match?

Have you ever happened to work in smart working conditions? If so, what was the outcome? According to the German Economic Institute – and not only – allowing employees to work from home can actually boost productivity. Many Italian enterprises (especially the larger ones) are currently testing this option one or two days a week, […]

contrattare su tutto

Why is it that in Italy we always negotiate on everything?

There is a rather unpleasant practice that I often see happening in my sector and which I believe, unfortunately, is usual practice in almost all industrial sectors. I refer to what happens, in some cases, between the issuing of a quote and the realization of an order. At MICROingranaggi we usually receive – as I think you can […]


What can we say about today’s sellers?

Some time ago I wrote that a good technical salesperson must have a good knowledge of what they are selling, have excellent interpersonal skills and a good basic organization. They must also be able to speak foreign languages ​​(or at least English), be goal oriented, have an open and constructive attitude and, at the same time, the ability to […]

giovani lavoratori

A fair deal or not for young people? 

Resuming a discussion started last week (i.e. what works and what doesn’t work in Italy) I am returning to the topic of new generations of workers. Anyone who knows me, or whoever reads what I write, knows only too well my opinion on young workers: they are our future and I recognize in them a […]