The secret of success is constancy of purpose Benjamin Disraely

We imagine For over forty years we have been running our business realizing the most suitable solution for every requirement
We design We place ideas, experience, expertise and innovative instruments at the service of our customers every single day
We engineer We invest a substantial amount of our turnover in technological innovation and human resources, year after year
trovare la giusta ispirazione

Where to find the right inspiration?

Some time ago I met a friend, who also owns a company specialized in outsourced mechanical machining. It was just before the Hannover Messe and, as I planned to go, I asked him to come with me. His answer was, however: “I’m sorry , I don’t have the time. I have to work”. Do you […]

L’usabilità delle nuove tecnologie fa la differenza

The usability of new technologies makes the difference

To be honest, I have never understood those who refuse to embrace new technologies or those who seem to be proud of their decision (especially amongst the younger generations). This doesn’t mean that everyone should introduce all the complex systems available to assist our daily life, but I think it is increasingly clear that there […]

grande crisi economica

Is there a new major economic crisis on the horizon?

There is a famous saying that says: if you want to increase work in Italian factories, buy a German car. This is because most of the German car parts are outsourced to Italy, (especially if they refer to products with high technological content). But what will happen if the German car sector starts to suffer? […]

impatto mobilità elettrica sul comparto ingranaggi

What effect will electric mobility have on the gear sector?

Deciding not to pollute the air by using an ecological means of transport running on electric power rather than a combustion engine is useless if the energy needed to drive it is produced by a coal or similar fired power station. And this is one of the main reasons that continue to hold back the […]

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