The secret of success is constancy of purpose Benjamin Disraely

We imagine For over forty years we have been running our business realizing the most suitable solution for every requirement
We design We place ideas, experience, expertise and innovative instruments at the service of our customers every single day
We engineer We invest a substantial amount of our turnover in technological innovation and human resources, year after year

Why is so important that a designer also knows how to draw?

I once complained to a lecturer at the Milan Polytechnic whom I asked why there were so many mechanical engineers who don’t know how to draw. His answer was that now, at the University, drawing was very often taught by software programmers. It is therefore no longer a mechanical engineer teaching technical drawing to young […]

replying to all the messages

Is not replying to all the messages we receive a show of bad manners?

Well, let’s see: I am a person who receives on average 200/300 work messages every day (via email and direct messages on Linkedin, without considering Whatsapp and Facebook because there are people who regularly contact me there too). Well, out of these 200/300 messages, five or six are usually trade proposals. Now, since I read […]


In the end they cancelled MECSPE. Three considerations

In the end it happened. MECSPE was cancelled by the DPCM of 25 October. Now I don’t intend to argue the fact that it is right or wrong to suspend an event like MECSPE a few days before the inauguration and therefore when all the preparation and outfitting has almost been completed. And neither the […]

satelliti per un riduttore epicicloidale

Production of satellites for a 18mm diameter epicycloidal reduction gear

In the video below we are producing toothed satellites for a 18mm diameter epicycloidal reduction gear on a Lambert 90 CNC with automatic loader and vibrating storage. The Lambert 90 is a hobbing machine deriving from a modified traditional machine and devised to produce reduction gears for the watchmaking industry. Although it may appear to […]

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