The secret of success is constancy of purpose Benjamin Disraely

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We imagine For over forty years we have been running our business realizing the most suitable solution for every requirement
We design We place ideas, experience, expertise and innovative instruments at the service of our customers every single day
We engineer We invest a substantial amount of our turnover in technological innovation and human resources, year after year

Do companies these days assume responsibility for their own mistakes?

Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum [To err is human, but to persist is diabolical] proclaimed Sant’Agostino. It is impossible to have worked for so many years without ever having made a mistake. Economists make mistakes when drawing scenarios. Similarly companies make mistakes. In a post a while back I wrote that when a supplier […]


Car manufacturers and recall campaigns: where does the problem lie?

Periodically, one or another car manufacturer is involved in a recall campaign for problems of varying magnitude. And so I found myself reflecting on this matter: analysing an evolved quality system such as that of the automotive industry, you could almost think that – if fully respected – “zero waste” should be an achievable goal. […]


Reshoring: why would a company decide to return production to Italy?

Lately we have been hearing more and more often about reshoring, essentially when a company who had previously relocated their production abroad (and especially to overseas territories) decides to bring it back to their own country (back reshoring) or in any case to neighbouring countries (near reshoring) as a result of internal requirements or strategies. […]


Why do our customers choose us and not others?

Have you ever asked yourselves why your customers prefer you as opposed to others? Optimising costs and business processes is important and it is equally essential to have high-level tools and technologies. Reflecting on this issue, however, I realised that there are also other factors that motivate a customer to choose one supplier over another. […]


MICROingranaggi: a 360 degree know-how

Today, MICROingranaggi has a vast know-how to place at the service of its customers that covers an endless range of sectors: automation, robotics, packaging and domotics, medical, naval, textile, aeronautics and army