I closed the post of last week writing that if on the one hand the level of schooling has risen significantly, it is also true that if the new generations of hyper-prepared professional figures do not find employment in companies, in order to work they must necessarily face reality and do something else.

For now, such situations occur quite rarely, with the result that

 often we are faced with fairly high unemployment rates with very high percentages of companies looking for staff and experiencing difficulty in finding them.

In the past I wrote that

 the problem of unemployment with a high number of companies seeking staff is the lack of synchronization between supply and demand.

This is a certainty and I repeat it today also. However, it is also true that life, more often than not, involves facing reality.
If, therefore, it becomes difficult to find a job in the field of study undertaken, there are two possibilities: to emigrate, with the aim of “finding opportunities” elsewhere, or to start doing a job that is inconsistent with one’s own education.

 But what is the result of this second scenario?

Imagine, for example, the case of a young man with a degree in humanities who is forced to be a technical worker in order to buy a house and start a family. The desire to work at any cost is admirable as well as commendable. It is also true, however, that where a graduate in ancient literature (this is obviously only one example) is forced to become a technical operator,

 the quality level of the work will suffer.

Of course there will certainly be cases in which the person will commit fully to bridging the physiological educational gaps, ending up working even better than those persons who have technical training but who are not motivated to excel. But these will be rather rare in my opinion. More common are the situations of experiencing lengthier times for insertion within a company because the technical training in the field will have to somehow compensate for the gaps in education with a high probability that in any case the quality level of work will be affected.