How long do we spend in the office (or in the workshop or other work environment)? Let’s say on average from 8 to 10 hours a day (including the trip to and from work and various breaks during the day). Which means that most of us spend most of our time at work. Which leads to my question:

What is your secret to working in a serene manner?

Is there a magic formula? Or, more simply and more likely, the right approach?

There are people, as I wrote in a post a few years ago, who spend most of their time complaining and, if they put as much energy into trying to solve the problems they complain about, they would earn more and probably also live life in a more serene manner. Do you agree?

That’s how I see it, but

it’s true to say that things are not always so black and white. Right or wrong.

It is therefore necessary to bear in mind all the different aspects involved.

Here’s an example.
Those who see the glass half empty are often seen to be a pessimist or even a negative person, lacking in self confidence and unable to enjoy the good things in life.
Those who see the glass half full are often seen to be an unrealistic optimist, excessively positive, irresponsible and, why not, also reckless.
All of which, more often than not, have an impact on day-to-day work activities.

So therefore?
Well I believe that such statements do not take into account any personal experiences that may have conditioned and triggered such attitudes in certain people.
So, first and foremost, I think it is necessary to maintain a level of respect and refrain from making rash opinions.
Some say:

you need to have the courage to avoid having an opinion. Ever.

In every work environment (as in life) we will encounter optimism and pessimism, and also complaints that we see as excessive: we have to deal with it and learn how to cope with what, in our opinion, are shortcomings in other people, and attempt to mediate and remain humble.

I think this is an essential ingredient in the recipe towards working serenely.

However, it is also true that when dealing with colleagues or – even more so – with customers, it is always recommended to avoid being pessimistic and negative (if we are actually subject to pessimism and negativity). But this is also common sense in most situations…