It’s my impression is that an increasing number of people complain about their job. And, in particular, about the environment, and the general atmosphere in their place of work.

Not just aspects regarding relations with one’s superiors or owners, but also – or should I say mainly – due to friction among colleagues. Friction that inevitably sparks repercussions (sometimes of a serious nature) on the overall atmosphere within the company.

So I posed myself two questions, which I will also ask you.

Why do we complain about our job? What are we actually looking for in a job?

Ranstad – a recruitment agency – recently published the result of a research called Rebr 2019 conducted on this topic. The three key factors turned out to be

being able to maintain a correct balance between work and one’s private life, a pleasant atmosphere and a suitable remuneration (hence salaries and benefits).

Do you see yourself in these research results? I definitely do.

Whatever the position we occupy (office clerk, businessman, free lancer and so on), these are three fundamental and complementary aspects. I mean that, being able to maintain a correct balance between work and one’s private life and a pleasant atmosphere will not suffice if the remuneration is unsatisfactory and does not reflect the position or the job. And vice-versa.

For different reasons (mainly related to a matter of personal well-being and all that it entails) I consider

the work environment to be just as important, in the true sense of the word. Therefore offices, production workshops, and so on.

As I have mentioned in the past, a work environment (whatever kind) should be as practical and comfortable as possible because it is the place in which we spend most of our time. So cleaning, tidiness, acclimatization, sound proofing, comfy chairs, good condition tools at the service of personnel etc. are all essential elements.

So that brings me to us.
I have been the owner of MICROingranaggi for a long time now and, as you can imagine, I often wonder about this topic. Generally speaking, the atmosphere within the company appears to be good, even if we have had some individuals in the past who have created a number of difficulties (mainly referring to relations with colleagues).
We probably (or should I say definitely) have made some errors in the past, but all in good faith, because we try to do our best to respect the people who work with us, as if we all belonged to one large family. We listen to our collaborators, we take into account the personal aspects of life outside the workplace (when such matters are shared with us) and, to ensure no department is never left unmanned, we pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to holidays and leave requests.

That said, running a business is a very arduous and multi-faceted job that should be looked at from various angles. This week, in fact, we are working on an anonymous employee questionnaire with the purpose of gathering more elements to figure out what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong and where there is room for improvement.