Would you purchase nowadays a car without electric windows? That is .. if cars with manual windows still exist…

In my opinion, the answer is NO. No in 99% of all cases. Now we are so accustomed to opening and closing windows by simply pressing a button, it would never cross our minds to go back to performing the same function with three turns of the handle.

Yet, we should remember that the first electric windows were installed in cars in the 1940s-50s, and only saw wider distribution later on. Before then, we managed perfectly well without them. And I am convinced that when they were first launched on the market, many considered them to be a rather, if not very senseless solution. A total waste of money. Am I wrong?

MICROingranaggi collaborates with enterprises from a wide variety of industrial sectors, so we are often faced with situations where there is an enormous enthusiasm in designing automated systems to meet market demands, but for which – if you think about it – apparently there is no real need. Yet in most cases they refer to automated solutions for which there is reasonable certainty (at a marketing level) that they can actually appreciated by the market and therefore purchased, even when there is no specific need.

An what is the outcome? The outcome is that manufacturers such as us continue to

produce, produce, produce. Increasingly more and increasingly swifter. An infinite quantity of objects and solutions that are then purchased. Often when there is no apparent need.

The question that arises (especially as the Black Friday period has just terminated, and we are preparing for the festive period and the January sales):

is, do we really need everything we buy?

No, absolutely not. And the waste landfills are increasingly full. So why do we keep buying?

I leave you with this query and wish you all