Hi, welcome back and I hope you enjoyed your holidays!

Today I would like to return to the discussion we had on training at the beginning of July. If on the one hand – as I wrote – I see many business men sufficiently motivated to invest in machinery, equipment and even property, but not in personnel training (because in fact they believe that the way of beating your competitors is to own the most performing machines and not to surround oneself with capable, skilled and expert collaborators), on the other hand I also happened to come across workers who thought that the training was intended solely and exclusively for younger people and therefore, substantially, for those who still have everything to learn.

This is NOT how it is!!

Nowadays there are courses for all professions and for all levels of instruction, in addition to more transversal topics (foreign languages, personal growth, psychology and so on). And the fact that not everyone is aware of this makes you wonder what the real perception is of these topics in Italy.

So in my opinion it is without doubt – although underestimated – that training is a fundamental factor for the growth of an enterprise; but these leads us to yet another question,

How do workers view professional training? As a precious chance to grow professionally or as yet another obligation? Or more simply, as a different way of spending a working day, but nothing more?

To respond to this question, I would first like to make a distinction between certain aspects. On the one hand there is the mandatory training at a legislative level (for instance occupational safety courses) and, on the other, there are the optional courses.
I get the impression that

the former (mandatory) is seen as a rather boring imposition by most concerned:

it is not strictly related to a specific operational environment, and therefore in most cases it is not viewed as truly necessary or a possibility of growth, but rather as a waste of time.

The latter however is something completely different. As far as my own experience is concerned and, more generally, the experience of MICROingranaggi, I would say that

company training that leads to professional growth is highly appreciated by most workers.

Those who complain about courses, generally do so because they think they already know about the relative contents. I, however, think that attending a course should be viewed as an opportunity to achieve something good and interesting, even if a lot of the contents are already known (especially in the case of more expert operators). But listening to something one already knows should not – in my mind – be interpreted as a waste of time, but rather as confirmation that our level of training is already of top standard. As they used to say in latin, repetita iuvant!

What is your view on this aspect?