Here we are. Tomorrow the seventeenth edition of MECSPE will start, an event (to which we will be returning for the fifth consecutive time) that has now become one of the most important appointments for the manufacturing industry of our country. This year there will be twelve thematic halls dedicated to materials, machines and innovative technologies, as well as of course to all the initiatives related to Industry 4.0.

Just like last year

the MICROingranaggi stand will be inside the Power Drive area: therefore in pavilion 5, stand E26.

Before talking to you about the innovation that we are going to be presenting at MECSPE, I would however like to share with you a point about the past year.
As I wrote in January, 2017 was a very positive year for MICROingranaggi but the main reason should not be attributed solely to the acquisition of new customers. There were, of course, some but rather what allowed us to achieve the most significant results was the significant increase in orders from our historic buyers. This resulted in

sales growth of 18.6% for us, allowing us to exceed – for the first time in the history of MICROingranaggi – 7 million euro.

Last year too, most of our revenues came from orders from Italian customers, though still alongside orders from foreign customers (mainly from Switzerland and Germany), which accounted for around a quarter of our overall turnover.
Avionics was, once again, the sector that gave us more satisfaction in terms of results. This was partly due to the particularly positive period that this market is witnessing but also to a large extent as a result of the solid loyalty of our historical customers, also satisfied – among other aspects – with the punctual and compliant deliveries that we were able to guarantee.

And now we come to the innovation. The past year has been very challenging and it has been difficult to find the time to develop new products. Despite this, it is very often the case that, thanks to the constant dialogue we nurture with our customers, the needs of the market come to light which result in us developing new products. And it is precisely following this logic that

at MECSPE we will be presenting a new Ø55mm planetary gearbox which will position itself at the top both in terms of dimensions and of torques. We have developed several reduction ratios, ranging from 3:1 to 216:1, as well as a variety of flanges for connection to most of the electric motors currently on the market.

The design, production and assembly of this product is 100% performed at MICROingranaggi, which allows us to offer our customers the possibility of almost infinite customisations and adaptations, opportunities that are rarely found in catalogue products.
The need to develop this solution arose from the various requests from our customers, mainly linked to the performance limits of existing gearboxes.
The new Ø55mm planetary gearbox of MICROingranaggi has multiple applicative outlets, including machinery for packaging, packing and weighing and also for systems for various types of handling, such as conveyor belts, parts loading and unloading systems, palletisers, and so on.

All that remains for me is to extend my greetings to you, hoping to meet you personally at the trade fair in Parma!