As I wrote in the title of this post:

a more than positive outcome for the latest edition of MECSPE.

Not only for the results achieved by the event per se, (over 2,200 exhibitors, over 53 thousand visitors and 110 thousand square metres of exhibition space), but also for MICROingranaggi. In addition to the important visitors we welcomed to our stand, we also had the opportunity to see a variety of new arrivals in our sector, thanks to extensive quantity and quality of the exhibiting enterprises. New arrivals that will certainly favour future collaborations and purchases.

As I already mentioned last year, unfortunately the logistics related problems continue to subsist: I heard many discussions and complaints regarding the disruption to circulation caused by so many visitors. Some suggested moving the event from Parma to a location more suitably equipped for dealing with large events such as Bologna or Milan. Others suggested creating a specific motorway exit. While others suggested extending it to a four day event..

Personally, having notice that the extension of the visiting hours has not improved the situation compared to last year, I think that it is necessary to assess operations that will generate exhibition costs very carefully.

Many colleagues and persons I met said they preferred attending MECSPE compared to BIMU due to the economic aspects, probably due to it being a shorter event (3 days instead of 5).
As far as we are concerned, we would accept an increase in costs, but only if there was an improvement in circulation and, above all, a large participation of foreign visitors.

The lack of foreign visitors – especially the almost total lack of operators from Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria and Slovenia – is, in fact, still the drawback of this even as far as I am concerned.

I hope the organisers decide to step up the quality of the event in the coming years, with investments in this direction.

As for the improvement in circulation, our proposal is based on a solution put in place by a Swiss exhibition area we recently attended. It involves creating car park areas in the vicinity of the motorway exits with shuttle buses between the exhibition centre and the car parks.

Providing distant but free parking, supported by a shuttle service, instead of internal but park and pay solutions, could be a feasible incentive.

We would however like to thank once again all those who visited us at Parma, and look forward to seeing you again at next year’s event, planned from 28 – 30 March 2019.