There are businessmen who have good ideas, but don’t know how to profit from them: they don’t invest, they don’t complete the projects that they start, they don’t work to a plan, they don’t surround themselves with the right collaborators, they don’t know how to delegate, and so on.
Then there are others who think they have had the right idea, but in actual fact they haven’t and, despite the lack of results, rather than question themselves (and change the original idea) they prefer to continue along the chosen path before drifting to nowhere.
And then there are others who don’t have new ideas, who don’t even search for them and, despite the fact that the world and our markets are constantly evolving, rather than question themselves (and question their business plan) they continue to operate as they always have done, accompanying their enterprise slowly but surely towards closure.

I have managed MICROingranaggi for some years now, and I often ask myself which characteristics a good businessman should have in order to run his business (or businesses) successfully.
Well, in this post, I have tried to come up with some answers.

First and foremost, I am convinced that

a good businessman should ask himself this question every day (which characteristics should a good businessman have?).

Those who do so, in my opinion, had laid a sound foundation, as he is likely to be prepared to question himself, and therefore put changes into place where necessary.

A good businessman should also

have good instincts and the foresight to realise and anticipate in which direction the market is moving, so as to be able to react in time and adapt to such evolutions (another essential skill!).

As I have mentioned in the past in almost all sectors, there comes a time sooner or later, when there is no longer a demand on the market for a product (or a service) that has always sold well, or for which there is still a demand but in a totally different perspective. Well, in these cases timing is so very important: the sooner we realise what is happening, the sooner we can find an alternative.

And again: a good businessman should also

know how to surround himself with valid, skilled and motivated persons and become a leader for them all,

earning their admiration and respect, whilst boosting motivation, teaching, correcting and transmitting his passion for what he does.

A good businessman should also be a clever communicator and mediator, creating and maintaining relations with collaborators, customers, suppliers, colleagues and so on.

But, above all,

a good businessman should think less about instant personal profit and invest more in the progress of his enterprise.

If we then add a significant dose of good fortune to the equation, maybe we have everything we need!